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    Megan Fox deletes ALL photos of Machine Gun Kelly as she shares cryptic ‘dishonesty’ lyric

    Megan Fox deletes ALL photos of Machine Gun Kelly from her social media profile, sparking rumours that the couple have split.

    The 36 year old, who was engaged to the rapper, also shared a cryptic caption on her most recent photo, which were two lines from Beyonce’s 2016 hit Pray You Catch Me.

    They read: “You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath.”

    Pray You Catch Me was the opening track on Beyonce’s Lemonade album, with its lyrics hinging on her reacting to allegations that Jay Z had cheated on her.

    Her post sparked a flurry of comments from shocked fans, with one writing: “OH MY GOD SHE TOOK DOWN ALL HER POSTS W MGK.”

    While another commented: “Rooting for you always but especially if this means what it sounds like it means. You are so strong and deserve the world. Never settle for less.”

    Megan Fox deletes ALL photos of Machine Gun Kelly

    A third wrote: “Whatever happened, hope you’re doing alright.”

    “Damn, a Beyonce “Lemonade” lyric. MGK done f#%ked up!,” another commented.

    However, some speculated that it was just a PR stunt, with one writing: “hey are still following each other on Instagram. Just another PR stunt.”

    MGK hasn’t posted in two weeks, with his last being a collection of photos from a wedding and inside a private plane, with the caption reading: “once upon a time i worked as a janitor at a rec center.”

    It comes almost six months after the couple were reportedly “on the rocks” after Megan was said to have tired of his “childish ways”.

    She previously insisted that she ‘manifested’ the rapper into her life after admitting that she had been dreaming of her fiancé, 32, since she was four years old, adding she thinks that she ‘made him’.

    At the time, she was keeping a very low profile online and when she was posting, it was “single girl content”.

    “Megan wanted a break from Colson and his drama,” a source told HEAT magazine.

    “She only went to one or two of his early tour dates, and that kind of sent him off the deep end and resulted in a lot of tense FaceTime calls while he was on the road.

    “As much as Megan loves him, she finds his attention-seeking and his ego hard to take at times. At the end of the day, Megan wants a quieter, less chaotic life, and she’s made it clear to Colson he needs to treat her a lot better than some glorified rock groupie.”


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